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Salt Spring Island, is located in British Columbia and with its beautiful shorelines, saltspring has become home to a myriad of people from all walks of life. Its music is truely SALT SPRING homegrown as only Saltspring Island can be. It is an island with ACCOMMODATION, RENTALS, Vacation homes, seascape Views,and a Saturday Market that has become legendary. Dining among the Property of pubs on the waterfront with Artists and Shopping opportunities, tours, and on this website, a numeber of 3D Venues. SALT SPRING ISLAND is among the largest of the gulf islands with a population of just over 10,000 full time residents. SALTSPRING,as it is often spelled is home to unique virtual arts where creativity and imagination help people market their creations to survive. The SATURDAY MARKET forms a weekly focus for the community and visitors alike and as a jewel of the gulf islands, it provides a particularly west coast feeling. Real estate is consistently changing hands as people discover for themselves whether isolated ferry dependent living is their cup of tea. The seascapes boating,fishing and beaches all make fine settings for family picnics, even hang gliding, rock climbing, forests adventures, hiking,camping, the arts, music and crafts can be found in most of the restaurants and pubs where everyone appreciates fine eating, drinking and accommodation among the many B&Bs, hotels & inns
Updated April 21st, 2008